"Carney Archives"

Examples of metallic-look lettering that can be used to create professional looking signage at low cost
  "The Information Center"

4' x 3' directory
designed to help patients and visitors navigate their way through the confusing labyrinth of hallways and floors in the hospital. The project involved a wall-mounted display combining 10 floors into one visual image, supported by handouts with the image on one side and a list of departments on the other.
"Hanging Directory

Ceiling- mounted directory following corporate branding style. Created, printed, trimmed, mounted
  "Physicians Directory"

Wall-mounted directory following corporate branding style
  "Patient Registration Admitting"

Ceiling-mounted department sign following corporate branding style
  "Hallway Directories"

Wall-mounted directories following corporate branding style
  "Stacking Plan"

Slice-view of hospital showing departments by floor and part of building
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