Posters and Fliers
  "Employee Cook-Out"

Poster announcing Caribbean-themed employee cook-out
  "BarRoom Heroes"
Poster promoting band appearance
  "South Shore Quests"

Poster promoting sale of Quests books and trying a free Quest
  "The Nantasket Mile"'

Poster promoting road race
  "Golf and Tennis Invitational"

Poster promoting fundraising golf and tennis tournament
  "Dorchester Teams Up Against Diabetes"

Poster promoting awareness and education day at Carney Hospital
  "Your New Carney Hospital"

oster announcing renovations
  "Our Newest Physicians"

Poster introducing new doctors
  "Think Again"

Poster promoting the Think Again campaign to raise awareness of the awards Carney Hospital received
  "Freedom is Not Free"
Social statement poster created in Photoshop
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